About Eduelation

EduElation provides affordable self-paced e-learning experiences in easy to use “bite-size” lessons. Each lesson ends with a short 2-minute video summary to increase the students understanding of the material and to enhance memory retention. That’s what we mean by ‘elation’ (noun), meaning 'great joy and pride' - in providing and learning new knowledge and skills through quick & easy self-education.

While some courses provided on this website may not be accredited with higher-learning institutions, every course has been compiled by experts in their particular field of endeavour.  Some courses do issue certificates to serve as a record of your achievement, however, certification is not the primary objective of this site - transformation is

Our aim is to transform our students' lives by developing comprehensive training courses that share knowledge in the shortest possible time span. The knowledge that will help to boost your career path, increase the enjoyment of a hobby or craft, or provide the basis for self-employment and the ability to earn an income from newly gained skills.

Once enrolled in a course, you can return to a particular course chapter or lesson at any time - there is no expiry date. You will also have access to your tutor to ask questions or seek guidance (within reason, bearing in mind international time zones).

We look forward to welcoming you on board and to sharing our collective expertise as you embark on your knowledge-seeking journey of discovery.

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