We live in an amazing era...

We’ve had the agricultural era, then the industrial era, and now, thanks to the internet age, we have evolved into the information era...

You’re probably wondering what that even means. Here some quick facts about the information era that we live in:

• Did you know that every second $4,108.80 is spent on information products? 

• That means that people are paying other people to learn from them at a rate of $355 million dollars a day!

• The global self-paced e-learning market is expected to reach 423.2 billion USD by 2025.

And I’m not talking about college classes! In fact traditional education (college) as we know it, was designed for the industrial age and could be on its way to extinction… No joke.

The fact is that people of all ages, and from all walks of life, are looking for ways to educate themselves and upgrade their skills, every day. The world is changing! And people are paying for information at an incredible rate! 

And guess who the “new era” teachers are?


Because you have the expertise, you’re passionate about something, and EduElations’ students would pay to know what you know!

So, with that being said… Let me ask you this one question:

If you could get paid for a skill you have, something you’re good at, expertise or even a hobby of yours, what would it be?

We all underestimate the value of our knowledge and we’d love for you to think about it and share your thoughts via our Contact page